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A Big Thank You!

With the launch of my new book Sold on Building Science I want to thank everyone that played a role in making it happen. It is my dream to create the new standard of home building and I believe I am getting closer to that every day. This book will help me share my knowledge on building best practices so that they will see for themselves why a high performance new home is the best out there. Here are a few people that helped me along the way that deserve a shout out.

V180 Media and Joe Frost

Thanks for helping me coordinate the book and organizing everything behind the scenes. Also for providing the marketing services that it takes to get the word out there. Specifically Joe Frost for all of his wild ideasthat led us to this point.

Robert Frass

Thanks to Robert for providing the writing services. He had the great ability of deciphering all of my mumbling and putting my thoughts into a clear and concise manner.

John Trout

Thanks to John Trout from the Health and Energy Company for feeding my imagination on building science. He inspired me to go above and beyond best practices for building. He was really instrumental in pushing me towards the desire to create the new standard for home building and build the perfected version of a new home.


Thanks to WriteLife for working with us so patiently throughall the kinks and changes in the design and layout. They believed in us from the beginning by agreeing to publish our book.