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Charles Thomas Homes Builds Healthy Homes

This page is dedicated to teaching you about the health hazards that can occur in many “Code Minimum” homes.  With your family in mind, we are proud to say that we have addressed all of these health issues in the construction of your Charles Thomas Home.  When you tour our model, I will explain how your family will be safe in our homes.  These are real issues that occur in most existing homes in one form or another.  As a home builder, I don’t feel like we can ignore these issues.  We build this way because the health of your family is way too important to gamble with.  All of the healthy home features we build into your home come standard in our base prices.

How much is your good health worth?  I am often amazed at what we must pay for health insurance.  Families will easily pay $800-$1,500 per month in premiums.  What does this cover though?  It only covers the cost to fix you once you are broken.  But you are different!  You exercise and eat right.  You pay a little more for nutritional food and you have a gym membership.  You buy work out videos, bowflex machines, and multivitamins.  So then I ask, why would you be willing to build or purchase a home that is not built with your health in mind?  You spend a significant amount of your lifetime breathing the air in your home.  You and your family deserve to have a healthy indoor environment.  Our homes provide this!  Yes, we incur some additional costs to build healthy homes.  But when you figure the additional cost, it is merely a few dollars per month over the life of a home.  A very minimal cost compared to what we spend on the health insurance and other items discussed above.  In reality, what most of our homeowners find out is that the cost of our homes are right in line with other local “Code-Minimum” builders.  So why would you settle for less.  Call us today.

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VOC’s – Volatile Organic Compounds