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High Performance New Home Tip: Saving Energy During the Home Cooling Season

The need for air conditioning in
the home is approaching abnormally fast. This means an increase in electricity
usage. I want to share with you a few common mistakes homeowners make in the
summer months that end up costing them more on their electricity bill.

Ceiling Fans

Many people run their ceiling
fans in the summer because they believe it will lessen the need for air
conditioning in the home. This is false. While the fan creates comfort in a
room, it only cools it a couple of degrees because of increased airflow. If
left on too long, the fan could actually contribute heat from the light and the
heat being emitted from the motor running. As with lights, turn off ceiling
fans every time you leave the room!


In a High Performance New Home, the cooling system has been sized to industry standards for comfort and efficiency. Set your thermostat no lower than 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the cooling season. Setting it below the lowest recommended temp can compromise the equipments performance. For the Charles Thomas Homes “Guaranteed Energy Savings Program”, the thermostat is required to be set at the minimum of 75 during the high temperature months.

The little things matter the most
when saving energy in the home. I have attached a table of common household
items and their watt usage. This is helpful to reference for what products use
the most electricity and where you can save.

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