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Omaha Home Builder Charles Thomas Homes Featured in Modern Builder + Design

Omaha Home Builder Charles Thomas Homes Featured in Modern Builder + Design

mbdOmaha home builder Charles Thomas Homes is excited to announce they were recently featured in national magazine Modern Builder + Design. The magazine focuses on the success stories of builders in the single family, multifamily and custom homes as well as developers and hospitality contractors.

The article spotlighted builders from across the nation who specialize in green building practices and high-performance homes. Charles Thomas Homes was the only builder chosen from Nebraska.

Charles Thomas Homes founder Tim Lowndes was quoted extensively in the article. “I started off just trying to be more energy efficient, so I became an Energy Star builder,” he’s quoted as saying. “But I got addicted to improving my houses as much as I possibly could, so I went beyond ENERGY STAR and kept adding more standard features until I got to the point where I was building to EPA’s Indoor airPLUS and the National Green Building Standard as well.”

He goes on to talk about the book he wrote for the building industry, “Sold on Building Science: How the High-Performance New Home Will Make All Other Homes Obsolete,” which describes in detail how Charles Thomas Homes are built and why the company will have the competitive advantage in the future.

“My book is a blueprint for doing what I do, so any builder can read it and copy off of me,” Lowndes admits. “But most builders aren’t going to switch and build this kind of home if they are staying busy enough just building basic code built homes. Buyers still make emotional decisions; therefore, if a builder is busy building code-built homes, they won’t make a complete transition like we did. It is quite a chore to incorporate all the high performance features and change your whole building system. We just happened to do it during a market downturn when we were building fewer homes a year.”

Charles Thomas Homes, owned and operated by Tim Lowndes, takes pride in building custom homes to the highest standard of a High Performance New Home. Their homes carry the government-backed ENERGY STAR qualified label, EPA’s Indoor airPLUS label and are built to the National Green Builder Standard. In addition, they back their homes with an industry-leading two-year builders warranty and a 10-year structural warranty. That means that each of their homes are independently inspected and verified to be truly energy, water and resource efficient.

Charles Thomas Homes are also DOE Zero Energy Ready, the new standard in efficient homes nationwide. DOE Zero Energy Ready homes are so energy efficient that a renewable energy system can offset most or all of the annual energy consumption if added in the future. Charles Thomas Homes is the leader in the Omaha area for building comfortable, sustainable, ultra-efficient, healthy homes.