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Severe Weather Awareness Week

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week, and living in Nebraska, we are no strangers to dangerous weather. It is important to take time to make sure that your home and family are prepared in case of severe weather, and not taking this seriously could cause significant damages to your home and those living in it. We have already seen some pretty large storms this spring, and there are definitely more to come before we leave tornado season. Today I’m sharing some information about the safety of our High Performance New Home and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

At Charles Thomas Homes, we build all our homes with safety as one of our top priorities.  Each home can be designed with a tornado shelter below the front stoop. This shelter is encased with concerte on all six sides – top and bottom in addition to the four walls – to provide the homeowner with a safe and secure location to ride out a storm. For those homeowners who want to finish their basements and make use of this space all year long, this shelter can also function as a wine cellar. This can make those stressful times down in the storm shelter a bit more enjoyable!

Our homes also have a number of additional features that add durability and safety. For example, all Charles Thomas Homes are built with James Hardie Siding, which is made from a mixture of concrete and fibers. This type of siding can withstand severe weather and is more durable than vinyl siding used by some builders. We also use Marvin Integrity Widows in the construction of the High Performance New Home. These windows feature an exterior cladding called Ultrex, with is more durable than commonly used aluminum siding. Both the the James Hardie Siding and the Marvin Integrity Windows offer better protection against hail dents and other damages from severe weather.

Remember, it is important to take time to inspect the safety of your home and the quality of the goods used to construct your home. Schedule some time this week to make sure you are prepared for what is sure to be a stormy spring season.