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Sold on Building Science: Our Goals for the International Builder Show

With the International Builder Show coming up in a couple of weeks, we want to share with you our goals.
Our mission at Charles Thomas Homes is to be %100 committed to customer satisfaction through excellence in the building process. We are committed to green building and striving for the perfected version of the new home. Good enough is not always good enough for Charles Thomas Homes and we are looking to improve in all aspects of our company with the constant study of Building Science practices.
We look forward to the International Builder Show to educate us and introduce us to the industry best practices so we can bring it back to Nebraska and share them with our clients. We plan to attend a variety of classes related to High Performance New Home improvements and how to build. It’s easy to attend classes on what we are already good at but our main goal for the show is to challenge ourselves to learn more about areas where we may be able to improve our homes.
The builder showroom floor is massive and impressive with the latest and greatest in home building products. The great thing about the growing interest in this industry is that each year we are given much more options for lower prices. We hope to find products that will make our High Performance New Homes even better quality while keeping prices low.
Solar Energy is another area that we want to learn more about while we are at the show. In Nebraska, solar energy is not a great option because of very low OPPD rates. However, we want to learn more on this topic so that we will be the industry experts in the future when solar energy becomes more of an attractive option in our state.
We leave on February 7th and we are spending our time anticipating the show and preparing ourselves to bring home the latest and greatest. When we return, we will announce 3 new floor plans!
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