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Sold on Building Science: The New Meaning of Green

For this week’s blog I want to share with you an experience
I had with a customer and their views on Green building and the EPA.

Recently I had a potential customer walk through the Charles
Thomas Home model. As I was explaining the benefits of a Green energy home they proceeded to express to me their disagreements with the EPA  on some of their political policies. I learned from this experience that this could be a common concern
for others so I want to educate you about what Green really means at Charles
Thomas Homes.

Green is all about durability and quality. Green does not
always have to mean grass roofs, compost bins, and bamboo floors.  Not only do we care about your home, but our
EPA guidelines force us to use higher quality products. These products make
your house more durable and easier to maintain. This in turn makes your home
last longer so that less products end up in the landfill.

Not only are we saving the landfill, but our homes save you
time and money on maintenance and upkeep. Our Green standards are third party
verified by building scientists. This also saves you money because we use the
best practices of building science in the process of building your home which
results in efficiency.

The quality of a High Performance New Home is unmatched.
Regardless of your political views, a Green energy built home provides countless
benefits for your health, future, and happiness.

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Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

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