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Sold on Building Science: Top 5 Developments to Look Forward To

The International Builders Show was a great learning
experience for us at Charles Thomas Homes. We returned home with a slew of
pictures and notes but we want to share with you the top 5 innovations we
brought home with us that will make our homes even better!

Solar Energy Ready

Low OPPD rates in Nebraska has
made solar energy an unattractive option for homebuilders.  Solar Energy is growing in popularity across
the country because of the green energy benefits. The potential energy savings
from solar in the instance of an energy rate spike is huge. That’s why every
High Performance New Home will be solar energy ready. This will make all of our
homes capable to produce solar energy when the time comes.

Energy Savings Guarantee

We will now offer an energy
savings guarantee. We promote our homes to save you money but now we will prove
it! Charles Thomas Homes will sign a written guarantee of energy savings. If
your home does not perform the efficiency we guarantee, you will be reimbursed
the difference. We are putting our money where our mouth is because we are
confident that our homes are the best.

Master Bathroom Standard Feature

One of our goals going to
the show was looking into HPNH home ventilation products. One of the products
we discovered was a humidity sensing bathroom fan. This fan will now be
standard in the master bathrooms built in our homes. This fan controls the
humidity level in the room automatically. This will increase the level of
comfort for the homeowner and provide them the luxury of not having to worry
about how long to run the fan.

Utility Bill Event

During the builder show we visited a few
national builder model homes. They shared with us the idea of an event to
compare savings on the utility bills of our homeowners. We are now going to
host an annual event at Charles Thomas Homes. Homeowners of a HPNH will bring
their utility bills to our event and the person with the lowest will earn a
prize. This will be a great opportunity to bring our homeowners together to
share their savings and why they love their new home!

Builder Partnership

At the builder show we joined a builder
. The partnership contains over 500 builders. We are really excited
about this because it will result in more savings on our homes. The partnership
is similar to a purchasing co-op where we can obtain rebates on companies that
we already buy homes from.

This is only five of many great things we learned from the
International Builder Show. We look forward to sharing more upcoming
developments with you!

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