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The High Performance New Home Warranty

Most builders create homes that are practically designed and even beautiful. The things you see at first glance make the home sparkle and shine: beautiful granite countertops, polished wood floors, great curb appeal and a functional layout for the kitchen and master suite.

Yes, the home all looks great at first glance. But what is behind all those eye-popping features? What lies behind the walls truly sets Charles Thomas Homes apart.

At Charles Thomas Homes, we go beyond the basics of the right design and beautiful finishes. We realize you spend most of your life in your home, so we ensure that your home meets the state-of-the-art energy and quality-indoor air standards of the High Performance New Home — what we call the “Perfected Version of the New Home.”

Your home will be constructed and verified by third-party organizations to exceed the rigorous standards of ENERGY STAR, Indoor airPLUS and the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready program.

So what do these standards mean for you, the homeowner?

The High Performance New Home is built to tighter tolerances and more rigorous specifications that are third-party verified along the way. We build sophisticated homes that carry higher resale values, exceptional energy efficiency and efficient use of water and other energy resources.

Our homes are not always the least expensive, but they make up for slightly higher costs with tremendous value. Simply put, a Charles Thomas Home is a quality home that is healthy, comfortable, durable and energy efficient. All of the components of our homes work together to provide an amazing living environment for you and your family.

This allows us to offer the High Performance New Home Warranty.  This includes a full ONE-YEAR builder-backed warranty managed by a third-party warranty management company.  We have made the investment to provide our homeowners with a comprehensive warranty management system provided by ProHome, the Original Warranty Management Service for New Homeowners.  ProHome’s long history of working with homebuyers of America’s finest builders provides you with a proven warranty management system unmatched in the home building industry.   Click Here for Warranty Brochure

Statistics have shown that builders reserve up to $12,000 per home for future warranty work. Our goal is to use that money more wisely by giving you the highest quality home possible.

When you look at all of the advantages of the High Performance New Home, we think your decision to buy from us will be easy.

It would truly be an amazing compromise for you to buy an existing home or a regular code-built home when you could have a High Performance New Home from Charles Thomas Homes!